About Us

Dana C. Cole and his daughter, Katie, started the National Fishing in Schools Program in 2009 with the forming of the Fishing Education Foundation.  Their vision was to bring a standards-compliant outdoor education curriculum to public and private schools across America that would make it easy for K-12 teachers to teach, and students to learn, the lifetime benefits of angling during their regular school day.
Along the way, they developed several instructional aids to help teachers educate new learners about the fundamentals of fishing. Among these tools are the unique "FishTargets" that bring excitement and realism to the learning angler. To date, "Fishing in Schools" has been taught to 100's of thousands of youth in over 400 schools from coast to coast, educating them in spincasting and fly fishing.

We are pleased to make FishTargets available to the public for the first time via this platform.  We hope they serve you well in the instruction of, and/or enjoyment of, the lifetime benefits of angling.
 To learn more about "Fishing in Schools", visit our website at fishinginschools.org 
Katie & Dana