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How the heck do FishTargets work, anyway?

The Bluegill is the first fish that many of us catch . . . it's the one that gets most of us "hooked" on fishing. Whether known as "bream", "sun perch", "blue sunfish", "copperbelly", or your favorite name, they are likely the most popular of all fishes. Used as an introductory species, Bluegill are now found in every US state.

Like their panfish cousins, Bluegill prefer quiet, weedy waters, such as ponds and small lakes, where they can hide and feed. Larger fish are usually found in the deeper water, with smaller fish nearer shorelines protected by overhanging or submerged objects. They generally begin to spawn in late May or when water temperature reaches about 67 degrees. In some areas, spawning may continue until August.

FishTargets Bluegill. Includes 4 FishTargets flies/hooks. 4" X 8" 10 oz.


All new material polyester fibers. This product meets ASTM toy safety standards.

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Surface washable only. Air dry.

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