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How the heck do FishTargets work, anyway?

The Black Crappie is a popular freshwater panfish.  They range from southern Manitoba southward to Texas and northern Florida.  They exist naturally as far west as eastern Nebraska, and eastward to the Atlantic Coast.

Black Crappie are a species associated with "quiet" water, such as ponds and small lakes.  They are less tolerant of turbid waters and prefer vegetated habitat, more so than their close "cousin", the White Crappie.  A gregarious fish that tends to schools, they do not normally reach the kind of numbers that are often found with White Crappie.

FishTargets Crappie. Includes 4 FishTargets flies/hooks. 4.5" X 11"  8 oz.


All new material polyester fibers. This product meets ASTM toy safety standards.

Care Instructions

Surface washable only. Air dry.

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