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Rainbow Trout

Rainbow Trout

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How the heck do FishTargets work, anyway?

The Rainbow is native to America and is one of the most popular sportfish in the world.  Serving in both "resident" and "migratory" forms (sea-run as Steelhead), they are available to anglers from Mexico to the Arctic Ocean.  Nonmigratory Rainbows can vary greatly in their appearance depending on their surroundings and food sources,   However, the  red-to-pink lateral line on adults is generally a distinctive identifier.

Rainbows are found in lakes and streams, and are adaptable to nearly any variation of both.  In moving water, they are most often associated with fastwater habitats and favor the rapid runs and riffles of larger streams and rivers.   In such areas, dry fly angling is the most consistent (and fun) approach.   Lake populations are quite varied, and the techniques to fish them run the gamut of angling methods.  They can be found in the pristine lakes of the northwest US and Canada (where they are small insect feeders) to large bodies such as the Great Lakes (where they are fish feeders.)

FishTargets Rainbow Trout. Includes 4 FishTargets flies/hooks. 4" X 12.5"  9 oz.


All new material polyester fibers. This product meets ASTM toy safety standards.

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Surface washable only. Air dry.

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